A Strat-O-Matic Online manager's Manager Rating is a single number that measures that manager's cumulative success at the game, taking into account total regular season Wins, Winning Percentage, Playoff appearances, and Championships.

Each SOM Online manager has a Manager Rating for each individual Player Set, as well as for Overall achievement across all Player Sets.

Computing the Manager Rating

A manager's rating in a specific Strat-O-Matic Player Set is computed as follows:

(Wins x (Win Pct. - .400)) + (Reached Playoffs x 10) + (Championships x 20*)

Each of a manager's individual Player Set ratings is multiplied by a "weight" percentage for that Player Set (generally based on how current it is), and then they are all added together to form his Overall Strat-O-Matic Career Rating.

* - Standard Level league championships are worth 20. Advanced Level league championships are worth 50. Championships won in official tournament leagues are worth 75. The overall championship for an official tournament is worth 150.